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The world is filled with beautiful decor. All of them are handcrafted by man. Different types of products, all created by man’s creativity. Amongst various products of his creativity, proudly stands the undisputed champ of furniture – sideboard.

Small Dresser

How is wooden sideboard better than others?

Different materials are utilized in the making of the bountiful sideboard. Use of iron and steel is also prominent when it comes to manufacturing the product. However, products that are manufactured with wood are considered to be the best. The ones with materials like iron or steel tend to rust easily. Also, they are not easy on the eyes. Even though, they carry insane amount of strength; they still aren’t as good as wooden products. On the contrary, pieces that are carved out of wood are extremely gorgeous. Their grandeur is a delight to the eyes. They are also very durable in nature and go a long way down the timeline.

Benefits of having a wooden sideboard

A sideboard has an insane amount of benefits. In order to believe it, you have to bring yourself one. Some of the important benefits have been pinpointed for you below:

•    The rustic appearance that the product exhumes is exceptional. It assists in making the concerned room brighter and better.

•    Drawers, cupboards and cabinets provided come in handy for storing stuff.

•    You could place your household stuff and aesthetic products on top.

•    It serves as an immaculate aesthetic product. Simply lean it against the desired wall in your house, and bask in the attention you get.

Wine Rack


How important is storage space for you? How long have you been compromising with it? Is your sideboard no longer turning heads? Has it gone ragged and old? It is the time you invest in the finest and artistic collection. It promises ample amount of storage space and has bedazzling beauty written all over it.









Artistic collection

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You keep saying that to yourself with your existing one, and you might end up with zero guests at your house. It is the time for a change; the time for a makeover. It is time to usher in exquisite small sideboard. Invest in all new collection that is simply perfect for your living room. Avail of cabinets, drawers and cupboards as per your requirement and gain appreciation from your neighbors.

What is small sideboard capable of?

Vancouver Oak 4 Drawer 2 Door Buffet Vancouver Oak 4 Drawer 2 Door Buffet









There are a couple of things that it packs in:

•    Enough storage space to hold your valuables and precious household stuffs.

•    Extreme beauty that makes your living room or dining area, wherever you lean it against, look marvelous.

•    Saves you a lot of space, allowing you to move around freely in your house, without hurting yourself by its nooks and corners.

•    Lets you place delightful artistic items in order to increase the resplendence quotient of your house.

•    You could use it to display aesthetic stuffs and showcase trophies, lamps and crockery too.

Furnishing has always been a thing of the new generation. Owing to the growing designs and styles in the fashion world, changes in the furnishing world were bound to happen. Sleek designs have ushered in the furnishing and décor department. They are juggling with people’s mind, compelling them to experiment.











Browse through gazillions of options

The best way to upgrade to a better furnishing is through a sleek and contemporary wooden sideboard. They provide an excellent way to improve the elegance of a room. Earlier they were merely used in the dining room or kitchen for placing crockery and other kitchen appliances. However, today they increase the aesthetic quotient of a living room as well.

Whilst going for the purchase

It is advisable to focus on your needs, rather than plunging in blindly, following what others are doing. At the same time, do not forget that class and the current trends don’t get left out.

Vancouver Oak 4 Drawer 2 Door Buffet Vancouver Oak 4 Drawer 2 Door Buffet











A few important points are worth paying heed to whilst going for the investment.

•    If you are running out of space, invest in those sideboards with cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

•    Choose the wooden material carefully. Both Sheesham or Indian Rosewood and Mango wood are considered as perfect for such furniture. They are strong and extremely durable and last till centuries.

•    Give precedence to color, texture, pattern and style since the furnishing is going to affect the appearance of the décor.

•    Choose wisely while giving importance to the fact – how much space does the furniture occupy in your house.

Versatility in a solid wood sideboard is its highlight. That apart, it provides a classiness to the overall décor, be in an office set-up or a household. A wide range of sophisticated-looking units have entered the market and customers are fortunate to pick and choose what they would like to acquire.

Place it Anywhere

Considering that the wood is of solid wood, it usually would be something like teak or oak thus making the item extremely durable.  It becomes so much easier to make use of this item in almost any room of a home. However, if the room is a large-sized one such as a living room, then having an elongated type would be just perfect. Such a unit would have a number of shelves, drawers, and open surface that in turn ample ideas for using it in various ways.

Different Ideas

While the open surfaces do well for placing decorative items on display, the closed shelves and drawers provide room space for storing a wide array of small and big items. While some sideboards are plain and basic in design as compared to other more innately and amply- designed side units it must be noted that ultimately the choice depends on the need.

Carved designs, metallic embellishments, fancy handles, glass doors, and a choice of hues can all be customized to create sideboards just the way one wants to have. With a little research done on the internet search engines, one is well on the way to get a glimpse on varied designs of solid wood items. The details not only include pictures and descriptions but the prices of these useful units as well.

Looking for ways to increase storage and serving space in your dining area? Then, wood sideboards are ideal for you. This piece of furniture can be placed in a corner of your dining room to overcome all storage and space issues. They can range from trendy and compact to intricately designed and elaborate.









A few reasons to choose sideboards to enhance the decor:

Decorative pieces of art:

Wood sideboards are beautifully designed and are best for adding a dash of color to your dining area. These are available in a variety of designs, from antique European finish to chic and bold. They are also beautiful, clutter-free display areas.


These have immense storage area compared to their size. They can be your secret storage space!

Cleaner workspace:

A properly arranged sideboard can give a clean and chic workspace at home and can easily be transformed into a buffet table during a dinner party.

Free expression!! You can get create a clutter free display area for all your collectables and express yourself freely!

The toys! Storing your kids’ toys can be challenging but not when you have a sideboard!

Vancouver Oak 4 Drawer 2 Door Buffet Vancouver Oak 4 Drawer 2 Door Buffet










Before buying:

Here are a few guidelines you must remember:

•    Remember to measure the size of space available in your room before buying. Also, consider the amount of storage space available.
•    Choose carefully between closed and open sideboards depending upon your need.
•    Detachable shelves are always a plus point.
•    Make sure to check the quality of materials used and also the heat resistance.

Reusing and repurposing can give you infinite possibilities with sideboards!!

You will barely miss a sideboard in any home you visit since this forms a very functional addition in dining rooms and living rooms among other areas. Wood sideboards are stunningly attractive, and the great variety of hardwoods ensures that every person gets a perfect solution for his style and decor.

Finding your perfect match

The wooden sideboard you finally decide to purchase should perfectly blend in with other furniture you have in the room in terms of design and color. With the great designs and trendy ideas provided by furniture shops, finding some beautiful designs to suit your taste and style should be real easy. You can even depend on craftsmen for intricate and unique designs.

Finding wood sideboards to match your decor should also involve no hassles since there’s a huge variety you of hardwoods you can choose from where all these present different but highly attractive colors. Among these are oak, elm, beech, teak, ash, cherry and mahogany among others. You can also opt for a stained or painted finish in a bid to match the theme of the room in question.

In order to get the perfect size, you should get the right dimensions of the available space even if this means taking the actual measurements. This is so because an undersized sideboard will look lost while a bigger one can overwhelm your limited space. Once you acquire your wood sideboards, ensure that you dust and wax them regularly as a way of retaining the natural elegance they present.

When going for wooden furniture, you should be aware of the fact that these can be made from solid wood or manufactured wood. By going for solid wood sideboards, you will enjoy all the full benefits of natural wood from the timeless beauty to unmatched durability. These will also work great for any style whether you are looking for traditional elegance or a more modern look.

Benefits of sideboards made from solid wood

The appeal will be particularly natural and attractive where any space where such a sideboard is stored will be transformed into a real warm living area, and the mood will be highly inviting. For a more gorgeous look, you can even choose to display your beautiful collections on top of the sideboards where these may include artifacts, mercury glass and valuable possessions among others.

wooden furniture

wooden furniture

Solid wood sideboards are also strong and durable where they will not only serve you but will remain to be treasured by generations to come. These will easily withstand even the most abusive areas like the dining room, the living room or even the kids’ rooms. Regular wiping and waxing will be more than enough to maintain the natural elegance of such sideboards.

Another benefit of going for wooden sideboards is the ease of coming up with customized solutions greatly enhancing uniqueness and expressing personality. There are people who are going for the highly reputed Indian craftsmen who are known of producing masterpieces of solid wood sideboards from some popular Indian hardwoods like sheesham and mango wood among others.